All My Cattle

The developers of this application keep a small herd of cattle and have created the application as a replacement to manual "cow book" record keeping. Over the years, we have updated to Excel, but that still left a lot of room for errors. We are actively using All My Cattle in our own operation and will continue to support and upgrade the application. Logo.scale-100.png

All My Cattle provides a simple mechanism for keeping cattle records and is currently intended for small herd cow-calf operators. The application does some simple "look ahead" calculations for likely calving times for each breeding cow. Future updates will include media support, a datasheet edit mode and some historical trends and calendar view features. Additionally, we will be releasing a Windows Phone version (included with the purchase of the Windows 8.1 application) that will allow for using your phone to record changes in the field.


  • Simple functions to add, remove and classify animals in your herd
  • Dynamic display reflects state of the herd in real time
  • Save and restore backups to any location (including OneDrive)
  • Herd summary displayed on main page

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All My Cattle Windows Store Application