About EAC Partners

EAC Partners is a full service consulting company concentrating on strategic services, advice, change management and implementation of new technologies and processes.

EAC Partners was established in 2009 with a focus on helping small and midsized businesses and governments make the best use of modern, cloud first, technologies. Our prior work experience involved larger enterprise solutions and embraced the newest technologies in order to reduce our customers cost while improving the quality of the final work. Since forming EAC Partners we have been able to deliver the same (and many times improved) levels of performance at extreme fractions of the cost over traditional on premise solutions. This means that even the smallest company can now work like the largest, freeing our customers to work like they should.

We strive to improve the way a customer gets work done while reducing both stress and cost. Microsoft Office 365 provides the unified tools to accomplish just that at a predictable monthly cost. Ideally our customers should view IT as a static, per user, per month operating cost and NOT a capital expense. Buying servers and hard-copies of software is a thing of the past. Spending money on IT should always be about expanding the ways in which you can get things done, reducing effort in accomplishing those things, and improving your business overall.

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Ed Alexander

EAC staff have 30 years of history helping companies solve problems both big and small including financial systems, manufacturing support, sales pipeline management, predictive analytics, customer portals, fulfillment systems, and more.

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